Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What a month!

I've been sewing Christmas Gifts, Like this folded Hand Sewing Case,

I don't have a tutorial for this yet but I'm excited about making one for myself...when I do I'll make a tutorial.

I also sewed 8 coffee cozies for my Apartment Management Staff. Sorry no photo's I'm still not used to taking pictures of everything...getting better though...I'll be making more as I got all 8 done in 3 hours with almost constant interruption from the boys who were both awake. A quick and easy gift.

I'm sewing pant for the boys with the pattern from Made
I also made an envelope neck shirt out of an old red and white striped shirt of mine that never fit me right.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stuff...yeah I know I changed the title

Just wanted to share a project I finished a week ago and one that is in the works.

First to the finished project...Qwerky Tools Pocket Diaper.
 With a super buttery soft suede inner that I salvaged from an old pillow case I hated.

I actually bought the PUL pre-cut from Amy Sipes, she has a page on Diaper Swappers  WAHM page. Her machine broke so she sent me this cover pre-cut with the FOE to make a cover with but I decided I wanted a pocket instead...and I love it!!! It fits Michael so well that I traced the diaper...granted this is much harder once the diaper is sewn but there a few changes I'm making so it doesn't really matter, I'm making it narrower between the legs, but I love the rise so I'm keeping that. I'm thinking of trying to make it a side snap diaper instead but I need to find a pattern first so I know how the measurements basically work. Or I'll just take one of the two in my stash out of rotation for a while and study it/trace it...hmmm. Any continue.

 My newest project does not have pictures yet. But it is a fitted with the new pattern altered from the diaper above...we will see how it turns out. The fabric is white cotton flannel with black antique keys all over it! I have enough scraps for a newborn/small fitted, might even make it a pocket fitted, I'll either sell the small or save it as a gift. Haven't decided that either.

Have a good night Y'all!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's on your fridge? Mine has life abundant!

So Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry has prompted other bloggers to tell or rather show what is on their fridge. Mine...well lets just say it is full of life...

 There wasn't enough room in my kitchen for a full view so I'm giving it in 2 sections.
Starting from the top:
Medicine and vitamins, my electric griddle/grill, oats, vegetable oil that I use for sugar scrubs recipe's that I got from In Between Laundry, and my husbands Red Line. What you can't see on top...a hand crank wheat grinder, tortilla press, and waffle maker.
Business cards from KAMsnaps, and O'Natural Shea Products, an events calender for Women Getting Real, a 3 year old Christmas card from my cousin, a thank you card from a friend who just had a baby,
and a Duck Duck Goose car magnet. Ccccaaaachink (insert the sound that an old type writer makes when going back to the left).
a picture of my cousin around 9 months old when I watched her, a picture of another cousin she has such sweet rosy cheeks, my dads old business card from the business he closed when his shoulders had to be replaced, the picture of a mission family my old church supports business card from my apartment, Christmas card from a newly married (at the time) couple of childhood friends, a poster from The Unhindered Encounter 2.0 a women's event that happened 9 months ago...amazing event! a couple of pictures drawn by Gabriel. Cccccaaaaachink
The engagement picture of a friend of mine, prom pictures with my near sister, a picture of my aunt and her granddaughter, a cat with 4 magnetic paws that is hanging of for dear life lol, Cccccaaaachink
A picture of my grandparents taken about 4 years ago, a picture of Gabriel at 4 months old, a picture of my near sister and her mother from about 8 years ago, a business magnet, a pic of Gabriel at Chuck-E Cheese, a business magnet from the maternity center where the boys were born, a picture of my nephew.
On the right side not pictured is a heavy duty magnet hook that I have layered 3 aprons, an apron full of cloths pins, and a burlap sack of grocery bags.
On the Left side a recipe from the Bread Beckers, and Sunday School artwork.

 Ok again from the top:
a picture of my mom and Gabriel at Chuck-E Cheese, a leap frog magnet with alphabet magnets that I bought for $4 at a yard sale, a picture of Gabriel the day he was born, a picture of Gabriel and me, the day he was born, ccccaaaachink
an emergancy contact number magnet I haven't filled out yet because my parents are the only ones who watch Gabriel, more LF magnets, the remnents of a wooden alphebet magnet set, a picture of me and Gabriel at Chuck-E Cheese 2 months before Michael was born, cccccaaachink
a moving company magnet a fish Gabriel helped William cut out, a picture of my aunt and her husband about 6 years old, cccaaachink
a fish Gabriel and I cut out and glued, a page from a Cars big pages coloring pad painted by Gabriel can you guess his favorite color? Ccccaaaachink
craft project from church.

So that is my fridge full of abundant is messy, and I love it. What does your fridge look like?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Newly Finished Projects

I just finished a couple of projects! I'm so pleased with these.
First is a pair of pants I made for Gabriel...from a tutorial by Dana at MADE
Here is the finished project~

I can't convince Gabriel to pose for me at the moment...he can be camera shy at times :-)

I've also finished a pair of fleece longies and a pair of 'boot' slippers for Michael.

Michael was a little more cooperative...a little this was the least blurry of them kept trying to grab the camera.
The pants are a little long in the, but I wanted to make sure they lasted all winter and would easily cover a bulky night time diaper!
I love them! They are so cute!
 I'm rather proud of my accomplishments! I just finished costume "armor boot covers" from a Simplicity pattern. Gabriel has been anxiously awaiting these for a few weeks.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Pancakes or Crafts?

Yesterday's Yummy breakfast! My hubby and I make a good team! Can you guess which plate is mine and which is Gabriel's, lol?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Easy Frozen Yogurt Pie

I love this easy recipe for a yummy treat that is cheep and the whole family will love, probably even those who hate yogurt as I am one of that crowd and I love this pie!

Ok so here we go. You need 3 single serving cups of any flavor yogurt, a tub of whipped cream, and a gram cracker crust.

I had already dumped out the yogurt when I remembered I wanted to give you this recipe!

Add the whipped cream...

Mixed thoroughly (I hate how that word is spelled)...  

Scrape the mixture into the pie crust...

Admire your handy work...

Cover and freeze until firm...if it is too hard it will be difficult to cut so you may need to leave it out a little while before cutting.

Add fresh, frozen (thawed), or canned fruit on top and enjoy!

Mmmmmm....I'm gonna check my freezer.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chicken...It's What's For Dinner!

Hello Y'all!! So we are running low on dinner options so I got a bit creative and made a delicious dinner!
We had a bag of frozen chicken breasts
2 small head of broccoli that were about to jump over the edge of edible to compost
half an onion that would soon join the broccoli
some yummy garlic
fresh crisp tomatoes
and rice
I was wishing for pine nuts or garbanzo beans but I had neither...sigh next time for sure!

So I put the chicken in a skillet covered and cooked on medium,
cut the onion into 3rds and set aside,
cut the broccoli from the stalk and kept an eye out for any spots,
chopped the garlic into 1/4 inch chunks and sauteed it a little butter, then set aside,
cut the tomatoes into wedges and set aside

When the chicken was cooked most of the way through, I seasoned it with Emeral's essence with dill added turned and seasoned the other side, I let that cook for another couple of minutes while starting the rice.
Once I had the rice started I threw the onion and broccoli in and covered again until the rice was done.
I then put the rice on a plate, laid the chicken, broccoli, and onion on top sprinkled with about a tablespoon of the garlic, and put the tomatoes on the side...yummy yummy yummy!

 And rather pretty if I do say so myself!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hooo Are You?

Hello one and all! I found a new blogger today whom I am looking forward to following, Leslie at Night Owl Crafting. She is hosting a blogger's link party I think they are called and today is Hoo Are You? A series of questions I have to answer then link my blog back to hers in her comments. Here is her totally cute button:


So here are the Questions:
1. Do you like the season, Fall? Love it!! 
2. What is your favorite fall smell? Baking bread 
3. What is your favorite activity to do in the fall? Sew, take walks 
4. Do you dress in fall colors during the season? when I can, I recently shrunk out of many of my winter clothes with no money to replace them 
5. Name 4 qualities about yourself that start with each letter in the word FALL!  
F - feisty 
A - artistic 
L - loyal 
L - lazy

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Table Runner

So Tuesday November 1, Women Getting Real, newly given a tax free Non-profit organization status, is having a fund raiser 'An Offering Of Praise', They are taking donations of items hand made or not that are worth $25 or more. I didn't think I'd be able to participate because I didn't have the money to purchase the supplies to make anything, then I remembered that my grandmother had given me some great fall fabrics that would make a great table runner. So I am currently making a quilted table runner that I am rushing to get done...Ahhh!

During the process of trying to find a easy but fall-ish quilting pattern I could quickly do either by machine or hand I came across The Free Motion Quilting Project her button is on the right of my page. She has created 365 free motion quilting designs that you can do at home on your own machine! It is awesome!!! I just ordered my darning foot or free motion foot, which is necessary for this to work. I can't wait to get it in and get started! I love quilting but don't like strait quilting lines that are usually all that can be done on a home machine, I like the designs but don't have the money to pay for it, nor the patience or time for hand quilting as much as I would like to learn (that may have to wait until my children are older and need less time...hahahahaha yeah, like, never). I'm hoping this gets in in time for me to practice a little and then use it on the runner before I have to take it in...*can you hear the sound of me nervously biting my nails???*

Lol, I'll ask Jenny tomorrow what she thinks I should do!!! I was planning on hand stitching the outline of some maple or oak leaves scattered down the runner but if this comes in quickly enough I may not have too...I just don't know what to do! I'll let you know what I settle on and a pic of the finished project!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jean Shoes

I guess I have a greater love for jean then I thought. I have made a jean diaper, a jean diaper cover, and now I have recovered a pair of flats with jean fabric and mog podge. I found the tutorial at Make It And Love It

I also took 20 minutes to make a clothe AIO snapped diaper for my son's little Beany Baby teddy bear that he had been carrying around and caring for as a baby. He asked me for a diaper this morning I was going to buy one at Cutie Tooties but when I looked at the doll diapers they were about 2x the size I needed so I will be putting together a tutorial soon on making your own AIO doll diaper for any size doll. I'll post a picture as soon as I can...I couldn't get the camera out before Gabriel took his bear to bed with him. Night all!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oklahoma Trip To-Do List

Ok my mother and I are taking the boys, renting a car and driving to Oklahoma..."Are You Mad?" you may well ask...the answer is yes!!! LOL! But we have been trying to go to Oklahoma for a few years but it just never worked out...until now. So it is worth a little brush with madness.

So my To-Do list:

Make a neck pillow for mom and I to share for naps when it isn't our turn to drive, and for Gabriel. I found the pattern here

Take my diaper pail liner, and make it into a zippered hanging wet bag. This I may have to figure out on my own...but I'm gonna do a little googling before sewing it. If I find anything I'll edit this post and add it.

I need to finish my AIO Jean snapped Diaper, I pray Michael still fits it when it is done.

perhaps a car seat cover from the same lady as the neck pillow.

I hopefully can finish embroidering the wrap I want to sell and the carrier that goes with it. If not then I'm gonna bring it with me and finish it in Oklahoma.

On top of all my sewing I am volunteering at Duck Duck goose three more days this next week and shopping on yet another day. I need to pack for OK. and try not to leave the apartment in awful shape when I leave. So I have a lot to do. *Sigh*
I'll try to do a few tutorials while I'm at it. I wish I could have done more with the diaper and the wrap but there will be a next time. Now off to bake banana nut muffins.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sacagawea BABY!!!

William and I took Gabriel to our local (old but Awesome!) park last evening. When we arrived I decided to put on the wrap under a pavilion instead of under the sun in the nasty parking lot.
There were 5 young men about 20-25 years old there all dirty and bedraggled laying on the concrete or the tables. They looked like they had spent the summer traveling around America in what ever way possible, (they were talking about riding coal trains etc.). We are several yards away, William holding Michael and Gabriel waiting simi-patiently (amazing considering his favorite park was only yards away) I start unrolling my new comfy Osnaburg wrap and start wrapping Michael.
I'm about half done when I hear one of the guys say "Hey Lady (I'm only 24 so I don't get called Lady often but for some reason I love it), I love the way you did that! That is totally awesome! It reminds me of Sacagawea," One of the other guys pipes in, "Yeah I was thinking it looked real native like," first guy again, "yeah you've got yourself a Sacagawea baby."
We laugh, I say something about how I and Michael love the wrap and it is so comfortable. Gabriel then gets very impatient and we wave buy and leave for the park.

*sigh* I love my wrap...I get such interesting comments about it!

Repeat action shot:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lady Bug Diaper Cover w/ Gussets

I love Gussets on a cover! I really want to make pockets and AIO's with as the first step toward that aim I made my first diaper cover with gussets from a great pattern I found at JoAnn's...I'm gonna be mixing a few diaper patterns to get the final product that I will be selling but this is just the first step...learning how to add gussets! So here is my adventure:

First to pick the fabric's! a white pul inner with a quilting quality 100% cotton decorative outer...not stretchy but it doesn't really need to be...this isn't a really snug cover...gonna change that (hopefully) with the next cover. FOE (Fold over Elastic) for the binding (I needed almost a yard and a quarter for a medium cover).
You can use biased PUL for the binding if you wish.

You then cut out your fabric...

Then you take your diaper and baste the PUL and outer layer together wrong sides together (the decorative side and the smooth pearly side of the PUL should be facing out. Baste your gussets the same way, curved side only.
Then you cut FOE 6 1/2", stretch it over the flat end and zig-zag it...I used a broken zig-zag stitch for all of the zig-zags.

You then take your gussets and pin the tips to the marked spots from the pattern PUL sides together and slowly sew the raw edges together.

Take the FOE and pin it around the edges of the diaper stretching it at the back...a little in the front and around the legs (i didn't do the legs with this cover but will do so with the next as it will look better and probably fit a little better!)...zig-zag.

Add snaps or Aplex and TADA An adorable diaper cover to put on your baby!!!

I don't like the placement of the snaps or the width of the I'll be changing that on my diapers...will post more of my cloth adventure...will be making mama cloth, un-paper towels, reusable swiffer cloth, knitting/crocheting wool soakers/shorties/longies, and more!

DISCLAMER: this isn't a tutorial, just an explination of the steps I did in learning to sew a cover with gussets...this pattern was perchased at JoAnn's it is called Snap Happy Diaper Covers, or go here if you want to buy the pattern for yourself. :-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making my diapers!

I'm experimenting with diapers. I'm making 4 diapers.
I found some chocolate oh so soft minky type baby blanket fabric 50% off. I'm making 2 pockets and two covers out of it...I'm researching (hands on CD research is so much fun!) the difference between fleece and pul covers and pockets with a decorative extra outer layer.

1 pocket with fleece waterproof layer.
1 cover with fleece waterproof layer.
1 pocket with PUL waterproof layer.
1 cover with PUL waterproof layer.

I have one sad problem though...the fleece I was going to use for the inner part to go against baby's bottom turned out to not be pure cotton...unless you can find the bolt to double check be careful of the fabric you buy from the 'end of the bolt' 50% off rack...any way even after extensive prep the water still balls up and runs.
So as I have no more money I got smart and found a soft jersey knit terry baby towel to use as the layer.
Here are a couple of pictures...I'll post more as I continue making them!

EDIT: Finished The fleece pocket and the fleece cover! They were easy but took a while!

Starting on the PUL next!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jean Diaper Covers

I've been working on a way to make a jean diaper cover, it wasn't easy but i did it. It didn't turn out exactly the way I thought or hoped but I plan on making several more and I hope each one improves on the last. I'm gonna use an old pair of jeans to make the next one!

I used velcro with a snapped OS rise but I'm gonna make the next one with a snap waist as well. I love it.

The next one will be a pocket diaper, it should be a bit easier. I will also be making a brown minky pocket with a fleece waterproof layer and a flannel inner that will be against baby. I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Intro: Who am I?

I am first a Christian. I love Jesus wholeheartedly, trust him implicitly, seek him fervently, obey him mostly (still really working on this one), talk to him continually, talk about him occasionally...yet another area I'm working on improving.

I'm wife to the most wonderful and goofy man around, William. He is a strong, responsible, hard working, video game loving, gentle, stubborn, protective, easy going man. An excellent father who loves his boys. Wrestles with our oldest Gabriel 3 1/2 years, and helps with our colicky Baby Michael 7 weeks.

I'm mother to two beautiful boys (yes boys of a certain age can be considered beautiful)!

Gabriel who is 3 1/2, born September 14, 2007. He loves Cars the movie and Cars 2, He has 3 die cast McQueen's, 1 Mater, 2 Docs, and Red the fire engine. He loves paper airplanes, my husband has spent hours folding and inventing paper airplanes for our son to throw around the apartment. He just learned how to play Candy Land. He has become a pro a Leap Start My First Computer. And he plays the Xbox 360 with my husband...Lego Starwars is his favorite. He is very tall for his age 43", and not quite potty trained *sigh*.

Michael is 7 weeks old, he was born May 12, 2011, 8 lbs 8oz (he is my small baby). I have cloth diapered him from the beginning...even though I have to climb two flights of stairs out side to our laundry mat (which right now smells like a squirrel has died in the attic which is very possible) to wash them. I sewed over half  of my cloth diapers and now have to modify my prefolds as they don't fit around my chunky boy's belly anymore.

I live next door to my parents and younger brother (who happens to be my husbands best friend). Which might sound awful but we love it!!! My parents are awesome about boundaries and not wearing out their welcome! It was great having mom so close to watch Gabriel when I went into labor at 1 am.

I will be attempting to sell cloth diapers, wipes, mamma cloth, nursing pads. I'll post example pictures as I get the items sewn.

I suppose that is enough intro for now. I'll get better at this in the future with practice. God bless!