Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making my diapers!

I'm experimenting with diapers. I'm making 4 diapers.
I found some chocolate oh so soft minky type baby blanket fabric 50% off. I'm making 2 pockets and two covers out of it...I'm researching (hands on CD research is so much fun!) the difference between fleece and pul covers and pockets with a decorative extra outer layer.

1 pocket with fleece waterproof layer.
1 cover with fleece waterproof layer.
1 pocket with PUL waterproof layer.
1 cover with PUL waterproof layer.

I have one sad problem though...the fleece I was going to use for the inner part to go against baby's bottom turned out to not be pure cotton...unless you can find the bolt to double check be careful of the fabric you buy from the 'end of the bolt' 50% off rack...any way even after extensive prep the water still balls up and runs.
So as I have no more money I got smart and found a soft jersey knit terry baby towel to use as the layer.
Here are a couple of pictures...I'll post more as I continue making them!

EDIT: Finished The fleece pocket and the fleece cover! They were easy but took a while!

Starting on the PUL next!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jean Diaper Covers

I've been working on a way to make a jean diaper cover, it wasn't easy but i did it. It didn't turn out exactly the way I thought or hoped but I plan on making several more and I hope each one improves on the last. I'm gonna use an old pair of jeans to make the next one!

I used velcro with a snapped OS rise but I'm gonna make the next one with a snap waist as well. I love it.

The next one will be a pocket diaper, it should be a bit easier. I will also be making a brown minky pocket with a fleece waterproof layer and a flannel inner that will be against baby. I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Intro: Who am I?

I am first a Christian. I love Jesus wholeheartedly, trust him implicitly, seek him fervently, obey him mostly (still really working on this one), talk to him continually, talk about him occasionally...yet another area I'm working on improving.

I'm wife to the most wonderful and goofy man around, William. He is a strong, responsible, hard working, video game loving, gentle, stubborn, protective, easy going man. An excellent father who loves his boys. Wrestles with our oldest Gabriel 3 1/2 years, and helps with our colicky Baby Michael 7 weeks.

I'm mother to two beautiful boys (yes boys of a certain age can be considered beautiful)!

Gabriel who is 3 1/2, born September 14, 2007. He loves Cars the movie and Cars 2, He has 3 die cast McQueen's, 1 Mater, 2 Docs, and Red the fire engine. He loves paper airplanes, my husband has spent hours folding and inventing paper airplanes for our son to throw around the apartment. He just learned how to play Candy Land. He has become a pro a Leap Start My First Computer. And he plays the Xbox 360 with my husband...Lego Starwars is his favorite. He is very tall for his age 43", and not quite potty trained *sigh*.

Michael is 7 weeks old, he was born May 12, 2011, 8 lbs 8oz (he is my small baby). I have cloth diapered him from the beginning...even though I have to climb two flights of stairs out side to our laundry mat (which right now smells like a squirrel has died in the attic which is very possible) to wash them. I sewed over half  of my cloth diapers and now have to modify my prefolds as they don't fit around my chunky boy's belly anymore.

I live next door to my parents and younger brother (who happens to be my husbands best friend). Which might sound awful but we love it!!! My parents are awesome about boundaries and not wearing out their welcome! It was great having mom so close to watch Gabriel when I went into labor at 1 am.

I will be attempting to sell cloth diapers, wipes, mamma cloth, nursing pads. I'll post example pictures as I get the items sewn.

I suppose that is enough intro for now. I'll get better at this in the future with practice. God bless!