Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sacagawea BABY!!!

William and I took Gabriel to our local (old but Awesome!) park last evening. When we arrived I decided to put on the wrap under a pavilion instead of under the sun in the nasty parking lot.
There were 5 young men about 20-25 years old there all dirty and bedraggled laying on the concrete or the tables. They looked like they had spent the summer traveling around America in what ever way possible, (they were talking about riding coal trains etc.). We are several yards away, William holding Michael and Gabriel waiting simi-patiently (amazing considering his favorite park was only yards away) I start unrolling my new comfy Osnaburg wrap and start wrapping Michael.
I'm about half done when I hear one of the guys say "Hey Lady (I'm only 24 so I don't get called Lady often but for some reason I love it), I love the way you did that! That is totally awesome! It reminds me of Sacagawea," One of the other guys pipes in, "Yeah I was thinking it looked real native like," first guy again, "yeah you've got yourself a Sacagawea baby."
We laugh, I say something about how I and Michael love the wrap and it is so comfortable. Gabriel then gets very impatient and we wave buy and leave for the park.

*sigh* I love my wrap...I get such interesting comments about it!

Repeat action shot:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lady Bug Diaper Cover w/ Gussets

I love Gussets on a cover! I really want to make pockets and AIO's with as the first step toward that aim I made my first diaper cover with gussets from a great pattern I found at JoAnn's...I'm gonna be mixing a few diaper patterns to get the final product that I will be selling but this is just the first step...learning how to add gussets! So here is my adventure:

First to pick the fabric's! a white pul inner with a quilting quality 100% cotton decorative outer...not stretchy but it doesn't really need to be...this isn't a really snug cover...gonna change that (hopefully) with the next cover. FOE (Fold over Elastic) for the binding (I needed almost a yard and a quarter for a medium cover).
You can use biased PUL for the binding if you wish.

You then cut out your fabric...

Then you take your diaper and baste the PUL and outer layer together wrong sides together (the decorative side and the smooth pearly side of the PUL should be facing out. Baste your gussets the same way, curved side only.
Then you cut FOE 6 1/2", stretch it over the flat end and zig-zag it...I used a broken zig-zag stitch for all of the zig-zags.

You then take your gussets and pin the tips to the marked spots from the pattern PUL sides together and slowly sew the raw edges together.

Take the FOE and pin it around the edges of the diaper stretching it at the back...a little in the front and around the legs (i didn't do the legs with this cover but will do so with the next as it will look better and probably fit a little better!)...zig-zag.

Add snaps or Aplex and TADA An adorable diaper cover to put on your baby!!!

I don't like the placement of the snaps or the width of the I'll be changing that on my diapers...will post more of my cloth adventure...will be making mama cloth, un-paper towels, reusable swiffer cloth, knitting/crocheting wool soakers/shorties/longies, and more!

DISCLAMER: this isn't a tutorial, just an explination of the steps I did in learning to sew a cover with gussets...this pattern was perchased at JoAnn's it is called Snap Happy Diaper Covers, or go here if you want to buy the pattern for yourself. :-)