Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jean Shoes

I guess I have a greater love for jean then I thought. I have made a jean diaper, a jean diaper cover, and now I have recovered a pair of flats with jean fabric and mog podge. I found the tutorial at Make It And Love It

I also took 20 minutes to make a clothe AIO snapped diaper for my son's little Beany Baby teddy bear that he had been carrying around and caring for as a baby. He asked me for a diaper this morning I was going to buy one at Cutie Tooties but when I looked at the doll diapers they were about 2x the size I needed so I will be putting together a tutorial soon on making your own AIO doll diaper for any size doll. I'll post a picture as soon as I can...I couldn't get the camera out before Gabriel took his bear to bed with him. Night all!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oklahoma Trip To-Do List

Ok my mother and I are taking the boys, renting a car and driving to Oklahoma..."Are You Mad?" you may well ask...the answer is yes!!! LOL! But we have been trying to go to Oklahoma for a few years but it just never worked out...until now. So it is worth a little brush with madness.

So my To-Do list:

Make a neck pillow for mom and I to share for naps when it isn't our turn to drive, and for Gabriel. I found the pattern here

Take my diaper pail liner, and make it into a zippered hanging wet bag. This I may have to figure out on my own...but I'm gonna do a little googling before sewing it. If I find anything I'll edit this post and add it.

I need to finish my AIO Jean snapped Diaper, I pray Michael still fits it when it is done.

perhaps a car seat cover from the same lady as the neck pillow.

I hopefully can finish embroidering the wrap I want to sell and the carrier that goes with it. If not then I'm gonna bring it with me and finish it in Oklahoma.

On top of all my sewing I am volunteering at Duck Duck goose three more days this next week and shopping on yet another day. I need to pack for OK. and try not to leave the apartment in awful shape when I leave. So I have a lot to do. *Sigh*
I'll try to do a few tutorials while I'm at it. I wish I could have done more with the diaper and the wrap but there will be a next time. Now off to bake banana nut muffins.