Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chicken...It's What's For Dinner!

Hello Y'all!! So we are running low on dinner options so I got a bit creative and made a delicious dinner!
We had a bag of frozen chicken breasts
2 small head of broccoli that were about to jump over the edge of edible to compost
half an onion that would soon join the broccoli
some yummy garlic
fresh crisp tomatoes
and rice
I was wishing for pine nuts or garbanzo beans but I had neither...sigh next time for sure!

So I put the chicken in a skillet covered and cooked on medium,
cut the onion into 3rds and set aside,
cut the broccoli from the stalk and kept an eye out for any spots,
chopped the garlic into 1/4 inch chunks and sauteed it a little butter, then set aside,
cut the tomatoes into wedges and set aside

When the chicken was cooked most of the way through, I seasoned it with Emeral's essence with dill added turned and seasoned the other side, I let that cook for another couple of minutes while starting the rice.
Once I had the rice started I threw the onion and broccoli in and covered again until the rice was done.
I then put the rice on a plate, laid the chicken, broccoli, and onion on top sprinkled with about a tablespoon of the garlic, and put the tomatoes on the side...yummy yummy yummy!

 And rather pretty if I do say so myself!

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