Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Table Runner

So Tuesday November 1, Women Getting Real, newly given a tax free Non-profit organization status, is having a fund raiser 'An Offering Of Praise', They are taking donations of items hand made or not that are worth $25 or more. I didn't think I'd be able to participate because I didn't have the money to purchase the supplies to make anything, then I remembered that my grandmother had given me some great fall fabrics that would make a great table runner. So I am currently making a quilted table runner that I am rushing to get done...Ahhh!

During the process of trying to find a easy but fall-ish quilting pattern I could quickly do either by machine or hand I came across The Free Motion Quilting Project her button is on the right of my page. She has created 365 free motion quilting designs that you can do at home on your own machine! It is awesome!!! I just ordered my darning foot or free motion foot, which is necessary for this to work. I can't wait to get it in and get started! I love quilting but don't like strait quilting lines that are usually all that can be done on a home machine, I like the designs but don't have the money to pay for it, nor the patience or time for hand quilting as much as I would like to learn (that may have to wait until my children are older and need less time...hahahahaha yeah, like, never). I'm hoping this gets in in time for me to practice a little and then use it on the runner before I have to take it in...*can you hear the sound of me nervously biting my nails???*

Lol, I'll ask Jenny tomorrow what she thinks I should do!!! I was planning on hand stitching the outline of some maple or oak leaves scattered down the runner but if this comes in quickly enough I may not have too...I just don't know what to do! I'll let you know what I settle on and a pic of the finished project!

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