Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stuff...yeah I know I changed the title

Just wanted to share a project I finished a week ago and one that is in the works.

First to the finished project...Qwerky Tools Pocket Diaper.
 With a super buttery soft suede inner that I salvaged from an old pillow case I hated.

I actually bought the PUL pre-cut from Amy Sipes, she has a page on Diaper Swappers  WAHM page. Her machine broke so she sent me this cover pre-cut with the FOE to make a cover with but I decided I wanted a pocket instead...and I love it!!! It fits Michael so well that I traced the diaper...granted this is much harder once the diaper is sewn but there a few changes I'm making so it doesn't really matter, I'm making it narrower between the legs, but I love the rise so I'm keeping that. I'm thinking of trying to make it a side snap diaper instead but I need to find a pattern first so I know how the measurements basically work. Or I'll just take one of the two in my stash out of rotation for a while and study it/trace it...hmmm. Any continue.

 My newest project does not have pictures yet. But it is a fitted with the new pattern altered from the diaper above...we will see how it turns out. The fabric is white cotton flannel with black antique keys all over it! I have enough scraps for a newborn/small fitted, might even make it a pocket fitted, I'll either sell the small or save it as a gift. Haven't decided that either.

Have a good night Y'all!!!

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