Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's on your fridge? Mine has life abundant!

So Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry has prompted other bloggers to tell or rather show what is on their fridge. Mine...well lets just say it is full of life...

 There wasn't enough room in my kitchen for a full view so I'm giving it in 2 sections.
Starting from the top:
Medicine and vitamins, my electric griddle/grill, oats, vegetable oil that I use for sugar scrubs recipe's that I got from In Between Laundry, and my husbands Red Line. What you can't see on top...a hand crank wheat grinder, tortilla press, and waffle maker.
Business cards from KAMsnaps, and O'Natural Shea Products, an events calender for Women Getting Real, a 3 year old Christmas card from my cousin, a thank you card from a friend who just had a baby,
and a Duck Duck Goose car magnet. Ccccaaaachink (insert the sound that an old type writer makes when going back to the left).
a picture of my cousin around 9 months old when I watched her, a picture of another cousin she has such sweet rosy cheeks, my dads old business card from the business he closed when his shoulders had to be replaced, the picture of a mission family my old church supports business card from my apartment, Christmas card from a newly married (at the time) couple of childhood friends, a poster from The Unhindered Encounter 2.0 a women's event that happened 9 months ago...amazing event! a couple of pictures drawn by Gabriel. Cccccaaaaachink
The engagement picture of a friend of mine, prom pictures with my near sister, a picture of my aunt and her granddaughter, a cat with 4 magnetic paws that is hanging of for dear life lol, Cccccaaaachink
A picture of my grandparents taken about 4 years ago, a picture of Gabriel at 4 months old, a picture of my near sister and her mother from about 8 years ago, a business magnet, a pic of Gabriel at Chuck-E Cheese, a business magnet from the maternity center where the boys were born, a picture of my nephew.
On the right side not pictured is a heavy duty magnet hook that I have layered 3 aprons, an apron full of cloths pins, and a burlap sack of grocery bags.
On the Left side a recipe from the Bread Beckers, and Sunday School artwork.

 Ok again from the top:
a picture of my mom and Gabriel at Chuck-E Cheese, a leap frog magnet with alphabet magnets that I bought for $4 at a yard sale, a picture of Gabriel the day he was born, a picture of Gabriel and me, the day he was born, ccccaaaachink
an emergancy contact number magnet I haven't filled out yet because my parents are the only ones who watch Gabriel, more LF magnets, the remnents of a wooden alphebet magnet set, a picture of me and Gabriel at Chuck-E Cheese 2 months before Michael was born, cccccaaachink
a moving company magnet a fish Gabriel helped William cut out, a picture of my aunt and her husband about 6 years old, cccaaachink
a fish Gabriel and I cut out and glued, a page from a Cars big pages coloring pad painted by Gabriel can you guess his favorite color? Ccccaaaachink
craft project from church.

So that is my fridge full of abundant is messy, and I love it. What does your fridge look like?

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