Friday, March 30, 2012

April Blogging Challenge. Now with links!

So Sunday starts the April A-Z Blogging Challenge!
I'm so excited! I've been thinking of what subjects to write on here are a few ideas...

A - Antibiotics - Apartment living April 1
B - Babywearing - Babwearing April 2

C - Pro's and Cons of Consignment sales - Consignment April 3
D - My horror of Disposable Diapers and why I'll never go back - 'Dis Damsels Discussing Disgusting Disposable Diapers! April 4
E - Going Eco-friendly, or Elimination Communication - Easter April 5
F - My great love of Fantasy!! - Fantasy and Scifi April 6
G - Gabriel's Birth Story, - The mild version, April 7

H - Homeschooling/Homeopathics H - Homeschooling
I - Ironing
J - Justice
K - Keen
L - Love it or Like it, There is a difference!
M - Mass Effect - Yeah I'm a nerd - I skipped M, My family needed me.
N - Adventures in Nursing Wear
O -Organizing For Duck Duck Goose!
P - Learning how to play. Learning about photography.  Post Duck Duck Goose!
Q -\
R -  Q,R,S is one post, Quilting, Running, Sewing 
S -/
T - potty Training
U - U
V - The Container Vegetable Garden
W - writing
X -
Y -
Z - Adventures at the Zoo

Will update post as topics occur to me. All topics post subjects can be change once the day arrives, this is just a list of ideas not an itinerary.


  1. Glad you're excited about the Challenge! It's going to be awesome.
    Be sure to remove word verification.

  2. You look a lot more organised than I am! I did try to get myself prepared, but I kind of lost track how quickly time was passing.

    Have a great A to Z month!

  3. You are a little more organized than I am!

    Happy A to Z

  4. Greetings, JoyfulJ! I am a Christ-follower as well, and my goal, although I fall short, is to be like Him...your potential posts sound interesting. Keep up the good work at home, for God's glory! Don't forget to post A today...


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