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B - Babywearing

Knit wraps:
Babywearing has been a life saver as a mom of 2 boys (so far =P). When Michael was a newborn and had colic it helped me get things done while still being able to comfort him and relieve his achy belly. For that I used a knit wrap. 
Boba Wrap
 Michael grew out of it so fast I have only one picture of me wearing him and it is dark and I'm half turned away from the camera, so I used this picture directly from the Boba web site, this is the carrier I have, though when I bought it a different company owned it and it was called the Sleepy Wrap.

Knit wraps are made of either tshirt type knit fabric or sweatshirt fabric great for newborns and babies who aren't too squirmy and under 15lbs though it can work up to 20 lbs it starts sagging pretty quick and doesn't support well at all. In the knit wrap you can carry baby similar to a sling, or belly to belly like above, you could face outward but that is uncomfortable for mama and baby click here for a post on why.

If you go to here there are some great tips on different knit carries. Also You Tube has a multitude of videos on different carries and how to nurse baby in your carrier.

  • Great for newborn
  • easy to nurse in
  • can get baby in and out without having to retie (until baby is about 15lbs)
  • warm in winter,
  • soft and comfortable, spreading weight across back and shoulders evenly for long wear comfort.
  • multiple ways to wear
  • most are very affordable
  • only good for a few weeks to months, depending on how fast your baby grows, Michael was out of his in about 6-8 weeks because he grew so fast.
  • hot in summer
  • putting on is a bit of a learning curve 
  • be very careful buying used as they can over stretch and loose their support, One way to prevent this if you have a sewing machine is find some pretty 100% cotton woven fabric and sew a square piece to the very middle of the wrap, that is the same width as the wrap. this can help your knit wrap last through many children.

Woven Wrap:
The woven wrap was my next carrier. The woven wrap has many, many benefits, the only down fall? Major learning curve! I bought 7.5 yards of Osnaburg from for a steal! Cut it in half lengthwise and hemmed all around, it was quick and easy and for just under $40 I had 2 wonderful wraps!
I really like this wrap, it is soft but firm and supportive, very breathable, once I started wearing it I didn't sweat nearly so much as with the knit. But it took so long to put it on and take it off it wasn't great for days with lots of errands or when Michael couldn't decide whether he wanted in or out. I could get Michael out without untying, I had to pretty much take the whole thing off to get him back in.
I always got great complements whenever anyone watched me put it on, or just saw me wearing Michael, I even got call Sacajawea one time by a bunch of guys at a park.

  • can be worn from birth till too big for mama or dad to carry comfortably
  • breathable
  • very comfortable
  • unlimited variety of ways to carry baby
  • easy to nurse in
  • Same carrier can be easily worn by many people of many sizes.
  • Great for double wearing (wearing 2 babies at once)
  • easy to make your own
  • great resale value
  • many uses once the babies are too big to carry, including home made childrens hammock or hammock chair/swing
  • can be VERY pricy
  • large learning curve
  • takes time to put on and take off
  • not good for running into the post office, or the bank to deposit a check etc.
  • can be very pricey if you don't make your own 
Places to buy:

Soft Structured Carriers:
I went from the woven wrap to an Ergo and fell in love with its ease. It could put it on or take it off in about 20 seconds, back or front. Though I will say hip carry in the ergo is extremely uncomfortable as the strap is against my neck not the outside of my shoulder.
I've become slightly dissatisfied with the ergo, it doesn't fit William at all, and though it is supposed to fit up to 40lbs the panel is so short that it doesn't give proper support to the child esp if the child falls asleep. So I've been looking into other brands, so far Kanga XT SSC is my favorite...currently saving up money to get one!
  • Quick on and off
  • can do front back and hip carry will little adjustment.
  • multiple people can wear it without a whole lot of adjustments
  • Easy to adjust
  • hood great for nursing cover or to support a sleeping child.
  •  great for quick trips into the store
  • easy to back wear for beginners
  • great resale value
  • Easy to nurse in
  • Not as comfortable for long wears, at about 1.5 to 2 hours my back starts aching a bit
  • Some (like my ergo) don't support older children as well as the wrap
  • Very difficult to make your own if your so inclined
  • Can be pricy 
  • Not good for newborns or young babies who can't support their heads without buying an extra newborn insert.
Other SSC to look into are:
Olives and Applesauce
Angle Pack
Wrap Conversion Mei Tie:
This is my latest acquisition, I cut up my second wrap that I made and made it into a wrap conversion mei tie. I LOVE it! It is not as quick to put on as the Ergo, but quicker and easier (esp back carries) then the wrap. It is much more comfortable for long carries then the ergo and cooler for baby.
It fits my husband easily and requires no adjusting straps, just tie it on. 
 I don't have a picture yet but I will have William take one tonight and I'll add it to this post.

  • as comfortable as the wrap for long carries
  • easier then the wrap to put on and take off
  • just as easy as ssc for back carries

  • Takes longer then a ssc to put on
  •  Not good for newborns
  • A bit of a learning curve though not as much as a wrap.
 Ring Sling:
Though this isn't mine a friend has let me borrow it for a babywearing class I'm teaching later this month, I like to have a little personal experience with carriers I talk about. It would be great for a newborn and younger baby! Though I don't like it much for Michael, he is to squirmy and since the support is on one shoulder and across back it isn't so comfortable as he is 25 lbs.

Gabriel babydoll wearing in the ring sling

Pro's :
  • most are a great price
  • Great for newborns and young babies
  • COOOOOOOOL in the summer!
  • Wonderful for nursing!!!
  • Little adjustment for different wearers
  • Easy to double wear (2 carriers)
  • Great as a way to keep older child confined to lap when working on computer (hehe) 
  • Can be Dangerous when child gets older and squirmy wanting down
  • not as comfortable once child is older
  •  As I don't have a lot of experience with this carrier I can't think of other con's. 
Sakura bloom
Sweet pea
Maya wrap
Rocking baby
Of course our local carry me close
Sleepy Baby Products

Feel free to ask any questions! I hope this was clear, if not please let me know so I can fix the problem!


  1. Hi there, that was a lovely detailed run-down of babywearing stuff. We tried them out for our first child but just found them too inconvenient, so we just carried our young ones when we went out!

    This is me, Duncan D. Horne, visiting you from the A-Z challenge, wishing you all the best throughout April and beyond.

    Duncan In Kuantan

    1. Babywearing is wonderful but not for everyone!
      Thanks for stopping by and good luck with the challenge!

  2. Hi again, JoyfulJ!

    Babies are such a joy! Love the picture! Your blog is a wonderful resource!

    My daughter is 32, however your blog brings back a lot of memories!!

    I'll be back for your "C" theme!

    1. Glad it was understandable! lol I had two crazy kids yelling in my ear the whole time I tried to write it!
      And babywearing is great for grandparents too! my parents wear Michael quite often and love it! If/when you have grandkids you could enjoy the benefits!
      So glad you want to come back! See you around!

  3. Nice to meet you through the A-Z Challenge :) Hope to see you around!

    Participating in the A-Z Challenge 2012!

    English Speaking Zone

    1. You too! Good luck and come back!

  4. I wish I'd had one of these when mine were that small!

    New follower here. I’m enjoying reading my fellow “A to Z”ers. I look forward to visiting again.


    1. Welcome! I've been so excited about the A-Z challenge! I love reading everyone else's journey and feel honored when others want to join mine!

      I'll definately check your blog out!

  5. They didn't have these type when my babies were small. These seem so comfy.

    New follower visiting from the A - Z Challenge, I am reading tons of interesting posts from everyone.

    1. Welcome!!
      The wrap has been around for hundreds of years but much of American society thought it was beneath them as the Native Americans were avid babywearer's and so it has made a slow come back since the 'hippy' days.
      There have been so many amazing things done with old concepts! like carriers and cloth diapers!
      Good luck with your challenge! I hope you come back!

  6. For awhile, I've been planning to babywear when I finally have kids (God willing, by the time I'm 40, but even better by 35). Since I love sewing, I'm interested in making my own, so long as I know I'm following safety guidelines.

    Is it really true that babies who are mostly worn instead of pushed in a pram cry less, since they can be attended to immediately or feel more comfortable because they're always so close to their parents?

    1. Hi Carrie,
      Yes it is true that babies that are worn are quieter and more content. I here people comment ALL the time how quiet and content Michael is when I'm wearing him. Babies are cuddled and touched constantly for the first 9 months, I personally think a baby should rarely be put down the first 9 months of its life.
      The best way to foster independence (which Michael has in abundance and Gabriel struggles with) is through building trust that you are there and every NEED is tended to quickly and gently. In baby hood even cuddling is a Need to them not just a want or luxury. Babies aren't trying to manipulate (well at least not before 9-12months) when they cry for hunger they are hungry and should be fed as soon as possible, same with a dirty diaper, a cry to be held should be seen as just as urgent a need as hunger, we as humans NEED to be touched, comforted, and held, it is the most basic form of showing love, the first a baby learns.
      Babywearing fulfills this need while relieving aching arms and shoulders as well as leaving you hands free to tend to necessary things around the home, errands, or other children.
      I highly suggest it too anyone!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you come back soon! I'll answer anymore questions you have gladly!
      For more info go to:

    2. That last sentance in the first paragraph should say "Babies are cuddle and touched constantly while in the womb, I personally think a baby should rarely be put down the first 9 months of its life as it is an easier transition into life in the outside world."


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