Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C - Consignment Sales

So we have a GREAT local consignment sale around here called Duck Duck Goose it is AMAZING!
We have bought about 98% of the boys cloths from DDG for about half the price we would spend in stores, often less, for stuff in great shape!

I started buying Gabriel's cloths at DDG the spring of 08 when he was about 6mo, I gave birth 3 weeks before the fall sale so mom bought some stuff their but I wasn't able to go. I was astounded when I saw what was available at DDG, maternity and nursing items, furniture, about 2 hundred strollers in different styles and conditions for different prices, car seats, TONS of toys and books and homeschooling helps, some game systems and games movies, infant gear, blankets, socks, shoes, hats, carriers, decor, baby safety gates and other equipment, breast pumps, high chairs, diapers cloth and disposable (I always wondered what to do with Gabriel's left over sposies when he out grew them in the middle of a package), diaper pails, potty seats, pool toys and safety gear, bumbo's, and so much more all available at amazing prices! The clothes go from preemie through teens!

Last year I bought cloth diapers, a sit and stand tandem stroller, and all the winter clothes both boys would need, nursing tops for me, and a few other small items for $210 total! So with all that here is my pros and cons list...

  • Amazing deals!
  • lots of options (if you have a large enough sale)
  • I can sale all the boys clothes from last summer so I'm rarely spending more then $30 as I make it all back with what I sold!
  • Buy nearly everything I need at one place all at once! I won't have to go shopping again for cloths this summer!
  • I can find shirts with favorite pixar caricatures without spending $25!
  • I can consign and work to shop earlier and find better items!
  • The more you volunteer the more perks you get
  • You can volunteer your husband, mother, child (14yrs+) to volunteer for you so you don't have to volunteer as much and get the great perks
  • As a consignor I have to either invest hours in washing, hanging, pinning, and tagging clothes and other items I want to sale, or money to have someone else do it.
  • I have to have a bulk of money to spend all at once, rather then 10 or 20 at a time, that can be hard if your struggling financially, living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Consignment sales are only 2x a year so you need to anticipate your child's growing, what you'll need, if you get it wrong then you just waisted a ton of money (Gabriel skipped size 2t a month after ddg after I bought his entire winter wardrobe in mostly 2t and some 3t, had to buy a whole new wardrobe)
  • If your starting to need something before the sale it can be hard to decide whether you can wait for the sale or if you need to go ahead and pay a little more and get it now
  • Lines are LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. average waiting time? 3 1/2 hours. I get around it by working 4 shifts and getting my Lucky Duck Pass, I'm always next in line!
But please don't let the cons intimidate you! They are totally worth the money saved!!!!!!
I hope you find an awesome consignment sale in your area and take full advantage! Good luck and Happy consigning!


  1. Consigments are really in now. Who wouldn't want to save a few bucks? Cute kids!

    1. Debora,
      Amen! Always into saving a few dollars!!!
      Thank you! I love them dearly!
      Good luck with your Challenge!

  2. JoyfulJ,
    I like regular consignment shops that I can go to anytime. We have one called Act II and its awesome. They have two, in two different towns and when we go, we hit them both. :0) Best way to save money on clothes!

    The Write Soil
    1st Writes

  3. I love thrifting and consignment sales/shops. Smarter I think. Your boys are adorable. Stopping in from A-Z

    1. Jaye,
      I agree that it is smarter to shop consignment!
      Thank you I agree they are adorable!
      Thank you for stopping by and good luck with the Challenge!


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