Friday, April 6, 2012

F - I love Fantasy!!!!! Oh and Scifi too!

I love fantasy and scifi books and movies! So I figured F would be all about fantasy, I was thinking of making S all about scifi, but I love sewing too much so I squeezed it in here!

I have an imagination, I love to read, watch movies and shows, come up with stories in my head, etc. I would love to one day write a fantasy or scifi novel, in fact that is one reason I started this blog, to get into the habit of writing, and give my self a chance to practice. So here is a list of my favorite Fantasy books/movies/tv shows.

Stand alone books:
Warbreaker By Brandon Sanderson
Elantris By Brandon Sanderson
Host By Stephanie Meyer 

Book Series:
Wheel of Time by Robert Jordon, with help of Brandon Sanderson on the last few books, Robert Jordon Died before the series was finished, but he had everything planned and written in a time line, with the help of his wife and some friends he spent his last days making sure whoever was chosen to finish the series had everything needed. The last book in the series comes out January 2013.
Howl's Moving Castle By Diane Wynn Jones
Dune Chronicles By Frank Herbert
Twilight Series By Stephanie Meyer
Sword of Truth By Terry Goodkind
Harry Potter By J.K. Rowling
Abhorsen By Garth Nix
Narnia By C.S. Louise
Redwall By Brian Jaques
Mistborn By Brandon Sanderson
Alcatraz By Brandon Sanderson
The Lord of the Ring By J.R.R. Tolkien 
Artemis Fowl By Eion Colfer
Maximum Ride By James Patterson

Stand alone movies:
Howl's Moving Castle
Spirited Away
Planet of the Apes
Fall of the Planet of the Apes

Movie Series:
The Lord of the Rings

TV Series:
Planet of the Apes
I Dream of Jeannie

Stand alone Books:
Anything Edgar Rice Burrows
     But especially:
         Tunnel in the Sky
         The Land that Time forgot

Anything Robert Heinlein
     But especially:
         Starship Troopers
         Have Spacesuit, Will Travel

Book Series:
Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi        Yup I'm that much of a nerd

Stand alone movies:
Alien vs Preditor...I honestly really enjoyed this one. 
Appleseed & Appleseed Xmachina
Independence Day 
The Sphere
Minority Report

Movie Series:
Star wars


TV Series:
Dr Who
Star Trek Voyager
Stargate: Atlantis

What are your favorite Fantasy and Scifi books, movies, etc?


  1. My favorites are LOTR and Chronicles of Narnia.

  2. We both love Fantacy and Sci-fi.
    Do check out my F at GAC a-z.

  3. Stargate! Very awesome. Also a big fan of all things Star Trek.
    Right now I have two science fiction books published and am working on a third, but I might venture into fantasy next. Terry Brooks' Shannara series was a big influence when I was a kid.
    Hope you're enjoying the Challenge!


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