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G - Gabriel's Birth Story

Don't worry, this won't be the in depth story that I'll post later for the ladies who enjoy reading the nitty and gritty details, just a general story most people should feel comfortable reading.

I was so anxious for Gabriel to be born that I was hoping he would come a little early, but I was in no way willing to induce any time before 42weeks without solid medical reasons. I believe that estimated due dates are exactly that estimated and shouldn't be considered the be all end all. Here is a good post as to why I feel this way.

Though he didn't come early he came much earlier then I thought.

September 13, 2007 Due Date
11:50 pm, head to bed a little disappointed after a day of no signs of labor. We had stayed up to watch a movie as I honestly thought I had at least another week. William had the next 3 days off after 12 days in a row of 12 hour shifts we both were ready for some quality time together. He was ready for some rest.

September 14, 2007
1:58 am I get up for the first of many nightly trips to the bathroom, panties were a little wet but as my bladder was overfull I didn't think anything of it. I tended to my business, changed and lay back down to sleep.
2:04 My eye pop open, that was a contraction, I had had very few Braxton hick (practice contractions that can start as early as 25 weeks) but I could tell this one was different. Not painful, but almost had a purposeful feeling unlike the Braxton hicks.
I was suddenly very excited, I was positive I was in labor, but I was so afraid to be disappointed I barely let myself think it before pushing it aside, 2 minutes later another, and I got up knowing I wouldn't sleep until I was certain that it wasn't labor. I finished packing the last few things just in case so I wouldn't have to later when I was working through contractions, turns out I forgot extra underwear and socks. i had one barely noticeable contraction when I was almost done. Afterwards I read my bible for about 25 minutes no contractions.
I remember while reading my bible thinking about how I was feeling possibly being in labor, I was excited, anxious, but afraid. millions even billions of women have given birth over the centuries, that is all great and good, but I wasn't millions or billions of women, this was me, about to deliver either in the next few hours or weeks if this was false labor. Fear is normal. But I refused to let the fear rule, I could do this, what ever happened the Lord was in control and it was for the good of all. So I relaxed and waited for baby.
2:40 I go back to bed tired and a little disappointed.
2:55 another contraction much harder then the last one nearly an hour before, 6 minutes later another, even harder and more painful. I was surprised at how quickly it was escalating. I decided to get in the bath and soak. I shook William and told him I thought I was in labor and I was going to bath, he murmured but didn't really wake up.
3:10 the bath is finally full enough for me to get in, after only one contraction in the water, I knew that being in my small bathtub wasn't helping I needed more room in spite of how much I wanted the water.
3:15 I got out and laid down again, after 2 contractions only 4 minutes apart I woke William, they were getting painful and I had to vocalize through that last one a little bit. It took a minute for him to wake up enough to hear what I was saying. When he did he jumped up and dressed barely able to see or hold his eyes open. He went to get a Mountain Dew to help wake him up and I got back into the bath, I really wanted that water even though my tub was a bit cramped. I was vocalizing through them and William came in worried that I was already vocalizing. After a few more contractions William called.
3:40 It took the midwife about 10 minutes to call back but when she did she talked to me only a moment listened while I went through a contraction and told us to come.
4:20 It took William a while to get the car loaded because he had to stop and help me through each contraction so we finally got started. He had called my parents after he got off the phone with the Midwife and they were gonna head out in an hour after stopping for breakfast.
5:35 The nearly 40 minute drive took an hour because I kept telling him to slow the bumps and deep curves made the contractions worse. I was excited to find out I was already 6cm's going along fast.
When we got to the room I laid down on the queen sized bed and didn't move except to use the restroom a few times over the next few hours.
9:00 I felt the need to push.
9:40 Gabriel was born, 9lbs, 15oz, 20", 14" head and chest.

I love birth stories. Your welcome to post your own or link to your birth story if you wish!

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