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H - Homeschooling

I was homeschooled by my mom since kindergarten, my brother since preschool. It was an amazing experience. I loved school most of the time, it was hard, it was exciting.
My mother was always praised as the ideal homeschool mom. I am so grateful to her! So I suppose this is dedicated to my mother...Joy...
    She worked so hard giving us a great education! I remember her spending hours and hours researching and putting together plans and schedules. She had a lot of opposition, her whole family told her she would ruin my brother and I and we wouldn't be able to get into a collage get a job outside of the fast food industry, they were exceedingly cruel to her until dad told them to shut up or they would have no contact from us again. My dad's family were against it because they were worried about us but after a while they realized how wonderfully mom was doing, how AJ and I were able to carry on a normal conversation with adults, even debate a well thought out point at 6-7 years old (I held a conversation on the age of accountability/when a child is able to be truely saved at 8 years old with an adult, I gave him something to think about too =P). Mom persevered and we learned, a lot.
    We learned world history, geography, about different cultures, read literature, listened to music, etc all at the same time from the same location, we learned about the ancient Egyptians in all those categories (except perhaps the music) at one time, they were all coordinated, we finished up with some current history and learned about archeology.
   When I became interested in anything human body and medical, she got me a biology book that focused wholly on the human body, medical history (loved medical history), I read biographies on doctors, nurses, scientists that contributed to our medical knowledge today.
   We spent time learning about church history and the horrific crusade wars and the crimes so many crusaders committed believing they were doing right because they were told they were.
   We spent time learning about current scientific beliefs on evolution etc, and though we don't believe it we thought it important to know so we know why we believe the way we do and how to defend our beliefs to those who try the scientific route to dissuade us. 
   The joy of homeschooling is you can focus every part of homeschooling on one particular subject, and the child gets the whole knowledge of the subject at once, rather then in bits and pieces.
   It wasn't always great though...I struggled with algebra...who doesn't most say. Mom took an entire year and a good bit of money finding me an algebra curriculum that I understood, once she did I flew through it and LOVED algebra! I couldn't wait to get started most days, I sometimes did extra just because. I did struggled with it at times, but when I got it I got it!
   I took Classical Latin, we used The Latin Road To English Grammer, it was AWESOME!!! I Loved Latin! I tend to save my favorites for last and to my least favorite first so I have something for which to strive, I always saved Latin for last. Unless we had to go somewhere and I needed to save the easy to take schoolwork for last to bring with, like literature reading.
   Most of all though homeschooling gave me a love of learning, and the knowledge of how to teach myself what I need/want to know. To question everything, to never believe the first version I hear, to research all sides then come to my own conclusions. This has helped me wade the trecherous waters of Christian Legalism, and other radical or overly lax views of the bible and Christianity and come out the other side mostly whole.

I have so much to thank mom for...a love of the classics, the ability to learn, a love of writing and a continuing love of learning. An understanding of the need for consistancy, though she had strong scheduals and I'm not that kind of person, I'm more of a where the wind takes me kind of person as my irratic A-Z challenge topic choices show, some schedualling is important and I've learned how through her when I need to have some kind of schedual.
    I think what I have most to thank mom about is my wonderful relationship with my brother and her. Homeschooling, depending on my brother as a friend and play mate a large portion of the week deepened our friendship in a way I only saw in other homeschoolers, never in friends who went to public school. I mean my brother and I weren't denide socializing (I hate that word), did we spend 8 hours a day with kids our own age who were just as ignorant as we were? No, we spent our day interacting with people of all ages and learned how to spend the day playing with kids half our age, or sitting quiet and enjoying a visit with adults equally, not just kids my age. To many kids don't have this skill because they spend 90% of their time with people their own age for 12 of the most influental years of their life. And it continues even in adulthood to an extent. We may not be segregated by race anymore, but I wonder if this segragation by age isn't just as learning about sex (and many, many other things just about as important) not by people who have had a wonderful and meaningful long term relationship but rather by kids just as ignorant as them, or learned in a very twisted way. To many don't even have the relationship with a parent to talk to them about it. So sad.
   Homeschooling if properly used, can give amazing opportunities to teach children to play, enjoy, cultivate relationships with people of All ages, and seasons of life, which would help so many of the problems we have with children today.

Because of mom I have the confidance to homeschool my boys, and I am looking forward to them having just as wonderful an experience as I did!

Were you homeschooled or knew anyone who was? Have you ever considered homeschooling your children? Why or why not...please be civil, any bashing will be deleted with no further acknowledgement.


  1. You seem to have had a very positive experience of being home schooled so I'm sure you will pass that on to your kids.
    I know several people who were home schooled or are home schooling their kids, most seem to have been very successful at it.
    Good luck.


    1. Hello Ebby,
      Yes it was a wonderful experience. Many have had wonderful experiences and many haven't. I'm blessed with such a hard working mom and a dad who stood behind her and encouraged her, helping her when she needed it.
      I'm blessed to have a husband who is just as strongly interested in homeschooling our boys as I am. Who wants an active role in educating them. We are both looking forward to this next chapter in our lives!

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope you come back soon!

  2. Sounds like your mom was a great person. Any now you have a standard you are striving for! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

    1. Hello Sharkbytes,
      Yes mom is wonderful, I love being able to ask for her help and opinion when it comes to homeschooling, figuring out how I want to start, and where we need to go from here, etc.

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope you come back!

  3. Mom sounds like she was a great teacher. This makes me so curious about homeschooling.

    Great A-Z post!

    1. So glad to spark your interest!
      Take into consideration though that there are good homeschoolers and not so good homeschoolers. There is a saying in the homeschool circle,
      "Every child deserves to be homeschooled, but not every parent can be a homeschool parent."
      For those who aren't meant to be homeschool parents Simply being deeply involved in their schooling and augment it at home, through books read aloud nights and weekends, mini family vacations to museums etc.
      There are so many ways to homeschool, unschooling (which has a thousand forms in and of itself), Charlotte Mason, Montessori, eclectic, classical, computer base, umbrella school, unit studies, Waldrof education method, text book. etc. There are so many ways to do it, it can be a lot to take in and sort through. But it is a wonderful way to teach.
      A great way to get started is to mean homeschool families who use different methods and ask if you can sit in on a day or part of a day of schooling, observe and ask questions. That is a wonderful way to see hands on what different methods look like. I'm wanting to do this with Unschooling as I plan to do a little unschooling or child interest led learning as will as some structure.
      Sorry this is so long, I get a bit excited when someone is interested in homeschooling!
      I hope you come back good luck with your A to Z challenge!

  4. I've definitely considered it on and off over the years. I know one of my big considerations is that even when I was in elementary school, I hated the view of history in our social-studies books, giving a very one-sided (and, oftentimes, inaccurate) view of American history. And if I have a kid who's reading well above his or her age level like I was, I'd hate to have him or her feeling unchallenged and routinely finishing assigned reading well before the rest of the class. (If I liked the assigned reading enough, and I usually did, I read it at the rate I wanted to, even if we were only "supposed to" read one or two chapters a week.)

    My primary drawback is that I started struggling with math starting in seventh grade, though by some miracle I was able to get an A in trig my senior year. I know I wouldn't be the best person to teach anybody math beyond a sixth grade level, and probably wouldn't be the best person to teach advanced sciences either, esp. hard sciences like chemistry and physics. How is that handled with a typical homeschooling family? Are the kids sent to a local class or do they take a class online in subjects the parents feel are out of their league?

    1. There are a few ways.
      a)some community collages offer hs level science classes,
      b)There are some great online or computer courses that don't need the parent to understand the subject but these are pricey, same goes for great math and geometry courses, but they can be expensive.
      c)in our district we had homeschool coalition, and we had homeschool classes, one mom had a collage degree in math and she taught an algebra class for a small fee, another had a doctorates in physics and taught highschool sciences with the help of another mom who is a pediatrician. etc. Many many districts offer similar classes either taught by homeschool moms, or grouping together to pay an outside teacher...we were lucky enough to hire a retired English teacher for our grammar and creative writing classes one year. Another year one of the homeschool moms spoke spanish as her first language, her family moved here when she was 10, she taught a wonderful spanish class. If you can find these resources they can help so much with the more difficult subjects.

      There is a great group of homeschoolers in my area that I'm looking into. I can't wait to get involved, though It will be fall or spring before we can afford the fees (hubby is a full time student), usually to help pay for the rent of the building used, as well as advertisements and the advantage of group discounts for field trips.
      Google Home education association and you should be able to find one in your area, or go to they'll have them listed by state and I think district too. Also useful info on homeschooling laws in your state.


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