Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I - Iron

I hate ironing.

Oh...well, I guess I should make the post longer...hehe.

I remember spending hours every week ironing my dad's work shirts...I hate ironing...my mom doesn't, so I never understood why I had to do it when it is a chore she actually enjoys.

My mom spends a couple hours on laundry day ironing...I'd rather wait and Iron what I need when/if I need it. Saves me time I could better spend sewing...reading to my boys...napping...looking off in a daze, daydreaming about sewing while taking a nap and reading to the boys all at once. Oh how I wish we grew out of needing sleep in adult hood, kids sleep so we have half the day to do what we can't do while they are awake...stupid, lucky, Twilight Vampires.

Do you love ironing or hate it? Do you specifically choose NOT to buy a piece of clothing you like because you don't want to have to iron it? Or do you use my hubby's trick of throwing the article of clothing and a damp rag in the drier for a quick steam wrinkle treatment? We had to stop using that when we moved to an apartment with no washer/dryer hook-up and have to pay-per-load.

Wow, I think this is a record short post! Go me!


  1. I hate ironing too. I used to try and iron ahead of time, but the clothes just got wrinkled again. I am an iron as needed girl.

    Happy A to Z-ing!

  2. I own two shirts that require ironing, and both are "visiting customer" shirts... i.e. I only have to iron them from hotel rooms, since i don't own an iron.

  3. I hear you on the subject of ironing. Here is a post I did on life being to short to. Life is too short

  4. I hate ironing. Thankfully my husband does the little bit or ironing that gets dones at our house.


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