Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for Apartment living

The launch of the April 2012 A-Z Blogging Challenge, nope this post isn't about antibiotics like I posted in the list, I thought that might be a bit too involved and controversial for my first post in the blogging challenge.

So we have now lived in an apartment for a year and a half. It is the first time I've lived in an apartment since I was about 5-6 years old. It isn't too bad, but it could be better.
I enjoyed it at first and I don't mind it too much now, it has been an enjoyable chapter in our lives but I'm ready to go to at least a different complex, if not to a house. So here are the pros and cons of apartment living in general and my personal apartment in particular.

  • Soda addiction
  • On site management (free coffee!!!!!!! must get my fix!) The girl in the office is so sweet, she always has a smile and can take a moment to chat.
  • and maintenance (Back when I was pregnant I seriously considered asking them for help getting duck duck goose boxes out of Gabriel's closet while William was at school!)! These guys know their job well, and do it efficiently!
  • Pool...'nuf said
  • Outdoor charcoal grill and picnic area
  • smaller place, lower cooling and heating bill (I really enjoyed this in the beginning not so much now with 2 kids, one just beginning to walk)
  • We are close to everything! 5 miles from the mall, 1.5 miles from Earth Fare and Kroger's, 2 miles from one of the local cloth diaper store, there is a green way just down the hill, great for walking, running, and biking.
  • Maintenance is quick to respond to issues and deal with them
  • Management is pleasant and willing to work with you as much as possible.
  • Monthly community events.
  • Great club house available upon request
  • Cable Internet pre installed
  • free wifi, courtesy of our great management! Major down fall is it is insecure. Don't type any passwords.
  • Parking lot security.
  • Lots of concrete for drawing on with sidewalk chalk!
  • Soda addiction
  • The laundry mat is on top of the hill, more then a 2 flight walk up for me to do laundry...not fun while pregnant let along 2 days after giving birth to wash diapers!
  • No units with W/D hook-ups
  • No safe area for my boys to play outside within walking distance.
  • People take their dogs to the picnic area at the top of the hill to poop and rarely clean up after them...the management actually had to start charging all dog owners 25 extra a month to pay the maintenance men who have to pick up the poop 2x a day. If you are caught not cleaning up after your animal then you are fined but they have yet to catch anyone, and I have only seen 1 person clean up after their animal.
  • Roaches, no matter how clean I keep my kitchen there are always cock roaches.
  • Mold, the master bathroom has had mold since we moved in and I've struggled keeping it under control.
  • Our king size water bed frame (w/normal mattress) takes up over half our bedroom...we are trying to get rid of it. 
  • EVERY time we renew our lease the price has gone up between $10 and $30 a month.
  • buildings are settling cracks on ceiling and corners getting bigger.
  • wooden bridges that compensate for weird landscaping are getting old and need replacing, they are dangerous and slippery in the rain, snow and ice. Fell down the steps when Michael was 3 weeks old, huge bruises on my butt and arm. Maintenance put no skid strips on the steps and bridges, they will be rebuilding them this summer!
  • Noisy upstairs neighbors
  • No on site recycling (I don't have a safe place away from baby to place sorting buckets to recycle) if we had on site I could use small bags or very small buckets and empty them daily or every other day.
I think that about sums it up! So that wraps up the first blog in the April A-Z Blogging Challenge! Hope you enjoyed!
Edited for spelling and aweful grammer...I think I caught it all!


  1. Your lists made me smile :)

    And I am here to welcome you to the Challenge!


    1. So glad you enjoyed it!
      Good luck in the Challenge!

  2. Morning, JoyfulJ!

    Blessing to you and your family! I like following life stories!

    Hope you and your family will make the adjustment/make the best of it untill you decide to do something different!

    Hope you enjoy the challenge!

    1. Oh we'll defiantly make do, I really do love the people here but not having a clean place for the boys to run off their energy and explore has been frustrating to say the least. I can deal with no w/d hook-ups, etc but I really want a place outside to take the boys to play.

      Good luck with the challenge!

  3. JoyfulJ,
    Cool post. I enjoyed reading all your pros and cons. I would NOT want to deal with cockroaches. My one apartment I had in the south had those large water bugs that look like cockroaches! eeeewwWWWWW! Gives me the heeby jeebies.


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