Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J - Justice; or rather the lack of it

True justice is hard to find now days.
 We talk about having the punishment of our children fit their misdeed, yet we don't carry out that philosophy within our justice system.
Criminals are placed in prisons.

Prisons are just one grand school for criminal learning from the best. It is an excellent boarding school, with a wonderful full ride scholarship. All it takes to win the scholarship to the grand Penile System Boarding School is...commit a criminal act. Viola your in! Welcome to the best criminal school around, tuition paid in full by the wonderful people you victimized.
On top of your classes, you have climate controlled rooms, access to television and other forms of entertainment, hot meals 3 times a day with the possibilities of snacks and treats. If you wish for other forms of education those are also paid for in full*.
Anyone else think our system is a joke?

 *Disclaimer: I have no problem with giving prisoners a good education, I know many are in prison because they weren't given much in the way of options to protect them selves and families and provide needs without resorting to crime. Giving them needed education so they can earn a proper living and leave the criminal world is important. Many however cannot or will not and their multiple trips to the boarding school called prison puts hardship only on the victims of these criminals, i.e. the hard working law abiding citizen.


  1. Hi, I reckon maybe you are correct. What would you do with them, though, in place of prison? How about execution for those that are killers, instead of leaving them on death row for eons? Interesting post. Thanks for the provocative entry. Best wishes to you. Got to travel on and visit a few more today. Ruby

    1. I agree in executing those who need it in a timely manner.

      I also believe we could find a way to put these people to work to pay the bills to keep their prison running, rather then putting that burden on the victims. Also filling all their waking hours with work won't give them enough time to learn the intricacies of crime...after all some gangs require at least a 5 year prison sentence before accepting you...because of what you learn in prison...etc. If we make it extremely difficult to obtain a criminal education in prison we could see a reduction in repeat and worse post prison crimes.

      Figure out the amount each prisoner would have to make each month to pay his way through prison, and whatever extra s/he makes goes to either his family to help support them, or to anyone he owes money to i.e. he is in prison for thieving, he must pay back what ever he was unable to give back in the same condition it was taken or better, + 3x the value...Huge burden yes, most will be paying it off for the rest of their lives, esp if they are stealing cars or other high price items etc. but when you put a painful punishment on a crime it shrinks down the amount of people willing to commit that crime.

  2. Yes, they learn too much from each other and it is the bad things. Maybe they all really need to be separated from each other until they learn how to behave? Putting them all together doesn't work.

  3. I agree that putting these criminals to work (hard labor) in prison is better than just giving them free room, board, and meals. I also like the idea of adding up the amount of money they could have earned while not in prison and making them accountable for that.

    Great thought provoking post!
    Renee from Circle of Moms


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