Friday, April 13, 2012

L - Love it or Like it...why the difference is important

I love Jesus!
I love William!
I love Gabriel!
I love Michael!
I love my extended family (far to many to name, nor do I feel comfortable listing them without their permission)!

I need Jesus!
I need Water!
I need food!
I need warmth!
I need Shelter!

I like chocolate!
I like a large living space!
I like electricity!
I like movies!
I like books!
I like cars!
I like soda!
I like video games!
I like the internet!
I like computers!
I like resturaunts!
I like gas/electric stoves!
I like climate controlled living space!
I like cell phones!
I like, I like, I like
There is a difference between what you like, what you love, and what you need.
What you need you will die without, without shelter the elements  can kill, without water you die, without food you die, without warmth you or death proves need.
Love are things that would hurt to loose, you'll never truely get over it but it is possible to live on, a long and happy life. Family, friends.
Like are things that make your life better but you wouldn't look at twice if your house was burning over your head.

I'm so tired of kids these days thinking that like and love are interchangeable. There is a distinction for a reason!
Just like the word Aquaintance needs to be brought back into daily vocabulary. My friends I trust, my acquaintance's I enjoy, hang out with, and talk to but intimate details of my life are not a part of it. 

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