Monday, April 16, 2012

N - adventures in Nursing wear

I skipped M, my family needed me this weekend and they come before any blog, so I'm starting anew with N.
Nursing wear...some say its vital to nursing easily and discretely in public; others say it is an unnecessary luxury.
I say they are vital...mostly because William refuses to let me nurse in public without some type of cover. I use discrete nursing wear with a prefold/flat diaper to cover the 'top' of my breast and just in case Michael pops of at an inopportune time I have a quick cover. This works as Michael doesn't fight it like he does a 'canopy' cover.
Hooter Hidders

While finding the above picture I found a cover I just might make myself...The baby bond cover. It works a lot like many nursing shirts, one panel above the nipple one below you can pull them close enough together to cover all skin except what the baby suckles. An amazing idea...if made right you could wear it as a cowl scarf until needed if you don't want to take it on and off.

However for the most part I simply LOVE nursing shirts and dresses! Here are a few favorites and a few not so much and why.

   This is one of my favorites made by MILK, It is a 2 layered shirred bust, pull up the bottom of the shirred and the second layer is a bra which you pull down, so baby has easy access to mommy milk. The have dresses that are designed just like this only the skirt below the empire waist is much longer.
   I also have regular black shirred dress that I wear a black nursing cami under that I wear all the time it works great!

Here is another dress by MILK, one that my hubby bought for me and I love, well to tell the truth it is a nursing night gown but we didn't realize that at first and I still loved it so I wear it as a dress. 

 Only mine is a pretty bright spring purple...I love this dress, it is made out of silky bamboo and is so soft!

My staples though are nursing cami's, you can wear them under other shirts and either unbutton, or pull up the top shirt and still be modestly covered. They usually come in white, black, and tan, some come in other colors as well.

If you've nursed did you use a nursing bra, cami, shirt, and/or dress. Did it make it easier to nurse or did it not make enough of a difference to break out the cash?


  1. Hi Lea,

    I am a mommy and nursed. I loved the nursing cover and had to add your post to my A.D.'s FAV 5 of the A to Z Challenge to share with others.

    If you go there and do not see my FAV 5 yet, I am still working on it ,so do check back. I comment as I go along...

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

    1. Thanks A.D.!
      I'll definatly check out your blog!
      I just realized while running through that I didn't add my least favorites, but that was because I couldn't find any pictures of them and our camera is out of batteries so I couldn't take any. But I didn't go back and edit either...oh well, it is part of the learning experience.

  2. My daughter is expecting a boy in a few months. I will let her know about all this new-fangled nursing gear. Did not have such 30 years ago!

    1. Congratulations on the grandson!
      Nursing wear is marvelous esp for a first time breastfeeding mother!
      Enjoy your little bundle of joy!

      So glad you stopped by!


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