Wednesday, April 18, 2012

O - Organizing For Duck Duck Goose Shopping!

Well tomorrow, Wednesday, is Duck Duck Goose's Early Sale for consignors, workers, and first time moms.
From the first time I shopped at DDG, during the spring of 2008, I've shopped for everything my boy(s) would need to remain clothed until the next DDG sale. With just Gabriel that was about $85 for just clothes in the beginning, and as he grew every year it increased by $10 people would charge more for larger sized even though they cost the same most places. But anyway, Go hear to read my past experiences with I'm writing about how I organize myself before a huge consignment shopping trip.
*Understand my list is geared to the fact we only use a laundry mat and can't wash more then 1x every week to 10 days because of money so our laundry has to last all that time.

A) List...
I make a huge detailed is my list for tomorrow:

   1) Shirts - small, 5/6
  • 2-3 button-ups
  • 2-3 nice T's
  • 10 play T's a few hooded as G loves hoods
  • 2 swim shirts
   2) Shorts - 5
  • 1-2 plaid
  • 1 nice jeans
  • 1 nice khaki
  • 10 play (mixed kinds)
  • 1 swim trunk
   3) Pajamas - small 5/6, 5-6 pairs

   4)  Shoes - 13, (This is the most flexible category, I rarely find everything I need and I'm ok if I find nothing, boys are exceedingly hard on shoes)
  • 1 nice closed toed shoes (brown loafer type)
  • 1 play closed toes shoes (tennis shoes)
  • 1 nice sandals tan
  • 1 play sandal
  • 1 water shoes
   5)  Under wear...Gabriel doesn't need any this year but I usually buy them here, he had grown out of his a month ago so we couldn't wait.

   6) Hats (Very passionate about sun protection and hats are an important part of that)
  • Sun hats
  • ball caps
   1) Shirts - 24m/2T
  • 2 button ups
  • 2-3 nice T's
  • 10 play
  • 2 swim
   2) Shorts - 24m/2T
  • 2 Khaki
  • 1 Jean
  • 2-5 play (he will be in a diaper and t-shirt most of the summer, not concerned about him having a lot of play shorts except for outside play time to protect his diapers)
   3) Pajamas - 24/2T, 5-6 pairs

   4) Shoes - ?
  • Soft soled shoes to protect his feet while walking out side
   5) Diapers,Trainers - Consignment sales are a wonderful place to find cloth or even disposable diapers for cheep. A lot of people take what disposable diapers they have left over after their baby out grew that size and sell them at DDG. I'm looking for both diapers and trainers this year.

   6) Hats
  • 2-3 Floppy sun hat
  • 2-3 ball caps
  • I have to decide between a double jogging stroller to get the boys out with me while I run so I don't have to run around Williams schedule, and a Gracco Nautilus that I've been wanting for Gabriel, Strollers and car seats are the quickest to go, this is the first section I go to if I need one or the other.
Potty seat, Thinking about getting a baby bjorn to help EC Michael this summer.

  • Lego's for Gabriel
  • Wooden toys for Michael
Nursing Clothes 
  • 1-3 Nursing shirts/cami's 
Safety Gear
  • Safety Gate
  • Cabinet locks

After I finish my list I get my gear ready.
I need a 'shopping cart' I use a rolling laundry basket similar to this one

 Only mine is short and squat, you have to bend over to pull it properly so I tie a belt to the handle:

I will wear Michael on my back in my Mei Tie...Which I STILL don't have a picture of!

I pack a small compact bag with diapers, another with snacks, apple, dried blueberries, chick peas, YUM! Hypoglycemia doesn't allow me to go long without a snack. I put my maawwvelous Lucky Duck pass in my pocket and I'm ready to go!!!

Another wonderful thing available is Duck out of line for $10, You get a basket to store your items and when you pay someone stands in line for you while you shop, the line can get up to a 3 hour wait VERY fast within the first 1/2 hour. This is a great option that I took advantage of before I could
volunteer the required 4 shifts for a Lucky Duck Pass.

Good night all!! I have a big day tomorrow!

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