Monday, April 23, 2012

Q, R, S, - Quilting, Running, Sewing

Sorry I've been out, DDG was brutal. But still awesome! I'll try to catch up!

Q - Quilting
My Grandmother is a quilter, she has made all of her Grandkids a twin quilt for High School Graduation, and all of her Great Grandkids a baby quilt. I have made multiple baby quilts and am in the middle of the tedious job of Cutting out a king quilt for my aunt...I'm enjoying it but having difficulty finding time at the moment. I do have most of it cut out though. It is going to be in a pattern we came up with on our own, simple but pretty.
Here is a simple template of the design; the 'bricks' will be more random then shown. It is suppose to say "A Families Love Is Natures Masterpiece"

   I'm looking forward to digging in and getting it done!

R - Running
  I started running when Michael was 8 weeks old, and I LOVE it! I had to stop over the winter as there was hardly a day where someone wasn't sick. I started running a little here and there back during the warm snap in march, it has cooled off and my lack of cool/cold weather gear has kept me in my bed, though I should probably get out anyway. Perhaps through on a hoodie I have but I guess I've allowed myself to become lazy. I need to dig deep and pull out my determination and go RUN!

S - Sewing
   I started sewing when I was pregnant with Gabriel. I didn't like any nursery set that cost under $400 and I wasn't gonna spend that much. Plus I wanted a unisex (we weren't gonna find out the sex until birth) bright blue (one of my favorite colors) room, and that is nearly impossible to find without making it yourself. So that is what I did, I found the fabric I liked at Walmart for a great price, and went at it with the help of a friend.
I did poorly and ended up only using the diaper organizer. But it put my foot in the door, I've sewn cloth diapers, cloth tampons, cloth menstrual pads, clothes, I'm currently working on altering a dress of mine to be nursing friendly, I'm gonna be appliqueing some of my son's shirts, it is cheaper to buy plain T's and decorate them with scraps then buy some of the fancy T's out there. I've sewn purses though not well, I've made quilts, I plan to make much more, I have so many idea's bouncing around my head it is crazy, I'll never have time to sew them fact I've thought about just posting my ideas on here hoping someone else will have the time to implement them.

T - I'm gonna combine T and U tomorrow and I'll be caught up!

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