Monday, April 30, 2012

W - Wool

I LOVE wool cloth diapers covers also known as wool soakers.
I knit 2 for Michael.

Michael sporting his newborn knit soaker
They have wonderful antimicrobial properties. They are wonderfully airy and help prevent rashes, esp heat rashes in the summer.
When wool is properly lanolized it can absorb up to 40% of its weight in moisture before it wicks "leaks" onto other fabrics. It lets you know sooner when baby has peed, so you can quickly change their diaper. All you have to do is lay it aside and let dry. You only have to wash and lanolize once every week or two (when it starts leaking sooner then it was, or when it smells like urine even after drying), or when poop gets on it.
In the winter you can put your little one in wool longies, basically wool pants, to keep legs warm. There are even some wool full outfits, properly cared for and gently lanolized and wool stays soft and doesn't become scratchy.
Here is a great resource on caring for and using wool soakers; go to the bottom of the page, there are links to articles and videos on wool benefits and care.
Here  is a list of shops that sell wool.

Here are a few posts on how to make your own wool for CHEEP...and no you don't need a sewing machine, just a needle and some yarn or thread.
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For Knitters/crocheters, though honestly any pants or shorts patterns would work if done in a tight enough stitch with wool. As some have pointed out in the past, just as you can use fleece, with a tight
Karen's Cloth Diapering Site
Tiny Birds Organic Merino Wool Longies Pattern Kit
Free Tiny Birds Shorties
Newborn Diaper Cover
Newborn Diaper Cover Onsie
Aubrey Doodle Pants
Gabey Baby Diaper Cover
Little Fire Crochet Soaker & Skirty Pattern
Punk Knitters Soaker Pattern
Pimp My Longies
The Curly Purly Soaker Pattern

For those allergic to lambs wool there are other alternatives alpaca, merino, cashmere, angora. Or if wool isn't an option at all fleece is similar.

Katrina's soaker pattern  This pattern is amazing for wool or fleece!

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