Monday, August 20, 2012

Boiling Cloth Diapers

Have you ever wondered if there was a different way to prep cloth diapers besides running your washer a half dozen times?

Well there is and it is easy to do!

I have only ever used a Laundry Mat while cloth diapering. First we lived in an apartment, with no washer or drier, only an onsite laundry mat. Now I live with my parents temporarily as my husband doesn't have a job yet though he graduated in May. Our lease ended the 31 of July, and we couldn't renew it as we may have to move out of state if hubby gets a job in another state, nor could we afford to pay nearly $800 a month for month to month with no money coming in. So We are at my parents till hubby gets a job.
Well my parents don't have a washer and drier either because they can't afford to buy them and their house didn't come with either. Soooo, we are still using a laundry mat every Tuesday(everything) and Friday (diapers again).

So since I can't afford the money to run new diapers through a laundry mat washer a half dozen times; I had to find another way to prep diapers.

So what kind of diapers need prepping, and why?

Any diapers made with natural fibers need prepping. Bamboo, Hemp, Cotton, if you use wool inserts those will need prepping. Microfiber, and pockets with only a stay dry inner only need to be washed once to be ready to use. I boil natural fibers even if they have a stay dry layer on top, I've never had issues.

WARNING!! Do NOT prep AIO or other diapers with natural fibers that have PUL that can't be removed. Boiling PUL will most likely ruin it. If you have an all natural fiber AIO or a babykicks etc you'll have to prep in the washer. Only use this for inserts, prefolds, doublers etc.

Prepping is basically the process of stripping the natural oils in the cloth. Cotton, hemp etc all have natural oils from the plants they are derived from, wool too has a thick oil that you've probably heard of...Lanolin coating it to make it weather proof. These oils prevent the cloth from soaking up liquids there for would make the diapers leak.
If your not sure if your diaper needs prepping, or think it might not be fully prepped there is a simple test. Run some gentle flowing warm water over your dry diaper if it soaks in immediately it is ready to use, if it balls up and rolls off it needs prepping. This is also a good way to see if you have detergent build up which can cause rashes, stink, and repelling.

Now for the How.

Get a large pot, I use a 7quart pot or a canning pot. Fill it with water making sure you have at least an inch between the top of the water and the rim as you have to add the diapers and you don't want it to boil over. add a couple drops of Dawn Original Dish Soap...yes in needs to be DAWN. Bring to a rolling boil.

Once your water is boiling add a few diapers. How many you add will depend on how big the pot is and how big the diapers are. You want the diapers to have freedom to move. Boil for 45min to an hour, adding water as necessary to make sure there is plenty, too little water could cause your diapers to stay on the bottom of the pan too long and scorch. Change the water and boil for another 45min to an hour. The remove allow to cool, ring out and wash with your next load of diapers.

Viola you have fully prepped diapers while saving water and money!!!

As always let me know if you have any questions or if I was unclear on anything! Enjoy!

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