Monday, April 1, 2013

A - Attachment Parenting

First i want to give a shout out to Arlee Bird, founder of the April A-Z Blogging challenge!! Thank you, this is my second challenge and I've loved it!

Now back to the featured presentation:

What are the first thoughts that come to you when you hear the phrase "Attachment Parenting"?

Sleepless, sexless nights
Mindless exhausted days
A baby who won't be put down and won't go to others
Tending to baby's every whim while the house goes to hell and daddy is left alone and bereft of his beloved.

Yeah these were the 'horrors' I heard whispered about, parents who employed this style were mocked. Spoken of like foolish children attempting to teach a frog to dance.

Or worse yet, these children would grow up with the delusion that they would get a free ride, deserved a free ride. They would expect the world to bow at their feet and grant them their boon. They would be like the rich man asking Jesus what he must do, they couldn't give that up and would be doomed to damnation.

I'm here to call Bull Shit (excuse my Swahili)

Attachment and gentle parenting are what I'm going to be basing the posts for this challenge on. This beautiful, natural, and instinctual way to parent is in my opinion how we as humans were meant to raise our children. Deep, abiding, trusting, loving, nurturing, cherishing, relationship. Without that as the foundation of our child hood how can we possibly think that we can function well as individuals let alone as a society.

I hope you will enjoy this look into instinctual, attachment parenting as much as I have living it.


  1. Visiting from the A-Z challenge. I raised my children with attachment parenting before it even had a name. LOL. Most of them are adults and they all turned out fine. I still have a teenager and the best thing about attachment parenting is your teens will come and talk to you first. It's a lot of work but oh the rewards!

  2. Awesome Kyoti!
    I sadly discovered it only once my oldest was 3.5-4 and we are still working on restoring our relationship.

  3. Visiting from the A-Z and wondering why B was on 3/29 and where's C? Please catch up and stay in the Challenge!

    I wasn't a permanent Attachment Parenting type but my kids loved being carried around close. My daughter liked the sling, my son liked the Snugli. Then at six months they both liked the backpack.

    Stopping in from (D not publshed yet)


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