Friday, April 5, 2013

E - Explorers: a new way to see your kids

Yep, he did it again. He opened the large storage container that had all the nicely hung and labeled clothes for the consignment sale, and strewed them around the living room.
So what do I do? I loose control, I yell, I ask why. Then in his sweet little way he helps me pick up and I apologize for loosing my cool. Because he isn't doing this [I]to[/I] me. This has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with Exploring his world.

It is what almost two year olds do. They have a huge hunger for knowledge. Which is why they will touch and touch and touch. It is hard wired into their brains. They CANNOT stop themselves. They are developmentally unable to.

Because of this it is so important to not punish exploration, instead redirect to safer exploration. And always keep your home baby proof to set your child up for as much success as possible.

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  1. I guess in a two year old's mind, he was just "organzing" - best thing at that age is to redirect attention to something positive.

    AtoZ Mighty Minion giving you a visit.


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