Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H- Honesty

"To make your children capable if honesty is the beginning of education"
-John Ruskin (1819-1900)

"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters, cannot be trusted with important ones."
- Albert Einstein

Honesty is one of the most foundational aspects of a strong trusting relationships. Without honesty trust is weak and dying. But where honesty is guaranteed trust can be strong and unwavering.

It can be tempting to lie to our kids about little things, "I'm sorry there are no more cookies in the house." There is actually a whole box but you want your child to wait till after lunch to have some.

But our children often, more often then you'd think, see through our lies or discover they are lies later.

This builds a foundation of lies, and over time as the child grows trust is destroyed. One convenient white lie at a time.

If you are truly wanting a strong trusting relationship with your kids, don't lie. Always do what you say you will, they learn to trust you through the little things.


  1. So true. Kids who grow up in a dishonest environment will most likely grow up to be dishonest insincere adults.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  2. Lovely post thank you highlighting the necessity of honesty! It always comes back in some way and we really need to educate our children of the value of this.

    Susan Scott's Soul Stuff

  3. My Gran always said "Honesty is the Best Policy" and "Be Sure your Sins with Find you Out". She was a wise old bat!

  4. I tell my son all the time that honesty builds trust. He has a tendency to lie...
    Happy A to Z!


  5. Yes you're right and love the Einstein quote.
    maggie winter

  6. Love it, love it, JoyfulJ.

    And this raises an interesting point about tooth fairies, santa, and the easter bunny.

    To lie, or not to lie?

    What's your take on it?

    1. I personally will not tell my children about them in a way that makes them believe they are as real as the Aunt in WA they have never met.
      That is a lie. And a big one.
      However, I do tell them about Santa and the tooth fairy as I do about Iron Man and The Borrowers. Fun fictional characters who we enjoy pretending exist.
      Imagination is still fun and beautiful.
      The magic of Christmas isn't ruined because my children are only pretending Santa is real. They have the magic of pretending with the rock solid knowledge that I will never lie. That what they know as truth is truth.
      When something as big as Santa Clause is lied about there is always a time of questioning, what else is only pretend? What do they (the parents) tell me that I can trust is true?
      How do I tell what is fiction and what is real?
      These questions are confusing enough without adding the extra confusion of allowing our kids to believe lies or fantasies as truth.
      I hope that answeres your questions!

  7. Great post. Most parents don't realize kids do what they *see* more than what they hear.

    Jenn @Scribbles From Jenn


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