Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I - Intuition

Intuition is an important part of parenting. It is intuition that wakes mama up to find her child has a fever.
It puts us on alert when there is danger, even if our conscious mind doesn't fully register what that is.
Intuition has guided mothering from the beginning of time.
It has been the excuse for everything from a trip to the ER to an unexplained exit from a store where something just didn't feel right.
Intuition, when not suppressed by societies mockery or demand for solid proofs and evidence, can do so much to help a mother and baby.
It is the reason my children spent their first months and years sleeping with my, putting a young baby in a room alone felt the deepest folly to me. It felt wrong so according to my intuitive need I kept them with me.
When my son kept having fevers, for some reason I didn't worry, I found out later they were caused by major growing spurts (weird but actually fairly common).

Intuition kept me from getting a house that later was discovered had a major mold problem.

Intuition saved my oldest from circumcision though I had no reason beyond instinct until years later.

Intuition is the alarm system built into mothers to protect their young. Listen to it.

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