Tuesday, April 16, 2013

P - Preventative measures.

You've heard me talk about 'setting our kids up for success'.

The way we do this is using preventative measures.

I bring snacks and toys whenever we are out so the boys don't act out from hunger, low blood sugar, or boredom.

I make sure that there is time/place for nap and down time so as to prevent sleepy melt downs.

I make sure to explain what is going on what is expected so there is no fear of the unknown, feeling put on the spot, or confusion melt downs.

The sweets and chocolate cut off is 5 pm or my boys will be up and crazy till late.

I am close by to assist with conflicts before they escalate into brawls.

I do what I can to make sure my boys have every chance to stay in control and can do well. To succeed.

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  1. hello! popping in from the a-z. Love your commitment to Christ. I love finding other believers in the blogosphere! (Just a note - the word is preventive, not preventative - said in love. :-)) I love that you are such a dedicated mama. I'm sure there are weary days when your hubby is on the road. I'm a new follower. Come visit me, if you'd like:
    from The Dugout


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